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There are many builders and many neighborhoods to choose from in the Indianapolis area. Where do you start? Please start by contacting me. I am available to assist you with everything from selecting the right community, lot and home to understanding the construction process.

I firmly believe that financial questions should be answered before you start looking at model homes. This is usually the first step when one purchases an existing home, but is the second step when building a home. Most clients start by looking at the model homes. I have seen this many times. The problem is that most people fall in love with the model homes. I have myself many times. The new smells, new looks and the furnishings are quite attractive. By first looking at financing, though, you are armed with powerful information.

After we decide on financing, I can assist you with selecting the builder and community that is right for you. Most clients want to be a certain distance away from work. Even with those criteria, there are still quite a few possibilities to choose from. I have worked with many builders over the years and can help you decide between the many possibilities. The following is a brief list of production builders in the Indianapolis area. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but an overview.

Arbor Homes Ivy Homes
Best Homes M/I Homes
Biltmore Homes Pulte Homes
C.P. Morgan Ryland Homes
Davis Homes Signature Homes
Dura Builders Trimark Homes
Estridge Homes Trinity Homes
Hansen & Horn Zaring Homes
Harvard Homes

Production builders build within their own subdivisions. Engineers design these subdivisions and most of the lots are well defined. The lot you select is just as important as the builder you select. Some lots might look large, but after setbacks and utility easements are taken into consideration, they are quite a bit smaller. It is also advantageous to investigate the storm sewer and traffic conditions near your lot. It might work fine today, but how will it work five years from now? I can discuss these and other issues with you.

A production builder will also have a few priced upgrades and options you may choose from. I can help you decide whether that is a good upgrade now, or whether you can have it done more cheaply after your home is complete. Some things have to be done at the time of construction, while others can be completed as effectively after construction.

In addition to the above pre-construction decisions, there are even more items to look at during construction. For instance, there are techniques the builder can use to get more insulation into the home. I can suggest these. In addition to above specific example, it is important to make sure the home progresses as planned. I can help you make sure that happens. I can also be a construction resource for you to make sure your home is built to the best quality possible.

The real estate commission is typically built into the quoted price of a production home. As a result, it is advantageous for you to have someone working for you. That someone should be well versed in all real estate procedures. They should also be well versed in construction procedures. My engineering / construction / real estate background is a perfect answer for you. Many agents meet with their clients when they sign the agreement and then fade away until closing. I am not on the site every day, but I am more visible than that during the process. I assist you during each milestone. I will also meet with you at other times during the process to help you understand what the builder is doing. Part of the joy of building is having the opportunity to see the different parts of your home come together. I can help you with that, while letting the builder know someone with technical knowledge is watching him or her.


"My wife and I knew we wanted to build, but were not sure of the process. David was extremely knowledgeable in the building process and explained things in terms we could understand. Each time we met he taught us what the builder was doing and why they were doing it that way."

- Todd H.



The process for a custom home is somewhat similar to that of a production builder. There are several differences, though. First, many times the building site is not in a subdivision. In that case, it is important to have a good idea about drainage, utilities, setbacks, landscape requirements, etc. These might not be as easily discernable as they are in a subdivision.

Second, the price is usually determined based on your requirements, and not on a menu of options as with a production builder. I can help you produce a specification sheet in this case. The specifications can then be submitted to several builders for pricing. Using the specification sheet, you will be more assured that the builder's prices are based on the same level of materials. In this manner you will be able to compare apples to apples.

The above statements give you an idea of the approach that I take. I am with you every step of the way. The following is a brief description of the steps I will take. There are three main stages: before we start building, while we are building and closing.

Before we start building your home:

  • I will help you decide between different types of financing. I have developed a mortgage team to assist that is well versed in finance, yet able to explain concepts in plain English. Many questions can be answered by visiting Mortgage101.
  • I will explain generally the steps that are involved in a new home purchase. This is important, as it will help you visualize what is ahead. This is helpful whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced buyer who wants to know the latest procedures.
  • I will discuss the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is just as important for a new home purchase. If you are considering building a home with a slab in a subdivision where all the other homes have crawl spaces, your value could be hurt. I will alert you to these and other points by performing an MLS search.
  • I will discuss the concept of agency between the buyer and their broker and the seller. The seller in this case is the builder.
  • I will assist you with lot selection, noting traffic patterns, easements, setbacks, etc.
  • I will assist you with determining which features should be added now and which added later. I will also help you understand the market value of each add on. In other words, if you were to sell your house in one year, how much would that particular upgrade add to the home value? This is important for those who might be transferred.
  • I will be with you when the documents are signed and explain ALL terms to you.
  • I will be with you at the pre-construction meeting. This is where you meet the people who will actually build your home. They will typically go over the milestones, give you a timeline and discuss the plat with you. The plat is a document that displays all easements, drainage issues, etc.

While we are building your home:

  • I will help you understand the milestones during the process. I will be with you at each milestone meeting.
  • I will note any deficiencies that I see to the contractor.
  • I will help you understand what the contractor is doing and why.
  • I have developed an inspection checklist that I use through the process. It includes the following sections: excavation, foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, masonry & stucco, insulation, drywall, trim, painting, cabinetry, flooring & tile, miscellaneous finish and landscaping. Most clients find it a useful tool to keep track of the process.

At the closing of your home:

  • I will discuss all the items on the closing statements.
  • I will make sure all items we stipulated on the purchase agreement and change orders are translated correctly onto the closing statement.
  • I will discuss with you what each party is doing to facilitate the transaction.
  • I will help coordinate any punch list items, utility transfers, possession questions, etc.

Whether you decide on a production or a custom builder, I am ready to assist you with your transaction. It is very exciting to build a home. My goal is to eliminate your stress as much as possible. By doing this, you will have the same excitement the day you close as you did when you first broke ground on your new home. As my logo suggests I will go the distance for you until your transaction is complete.


David George & Associates

David George & Associates