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The marketplace is filled with many possibilities. Which one is best for you and your family? This is the question I start with when I begin working with a client. I don't start with how many bedrooms and bathrooms. The cart should always stay behind the horse, so to speak. A home is an investment that could either aid or hider your family financially. That is why I always point to my unique background. I have a degree in engineering and an MBA with a concentration in finance.

My degree is in civil engineering. My major concentration was in structural engineering, while my minor emphasis was in foundations. Pretty boring stuff, but very helpful in real estate. Whether you buy a new home or an existing home, let my background help you. I always suggest my clients hire a home inspector before they close on a transaction. The problem is that an inspector is hired several steps into a transaction. I feel it is important to be on the lookout for problems, before we even write a purchase agreement.

A client I worked with in 1998 is a good example of this. While my client was deciding whether the inside of the home fit the bill, I was looking at the outside. I was looking at the siding, roof, foundation, etc. I noticed a problem in the crawl space. We wrote a purchase agreement and it was accepted. In that agreement we added a specific clause for the foundation. When the foundation was inspected, it was deemed a large problem. We moved on and found a better home. My client, Kendy, is still happy there today.


"I thought I had found my dream home. If David hadn't noticed the foundation damage and added a clause that the purchase was dependent upon the foundation inspection results, it would have become my nightmare! David's expertise undoubtedly saved me much heartache, not to mention thousands of dollars. His engineering skills truly compliment his business."

- Kendy S.



My finance background is another benefit. Whether you are retiring and need to downsize or are buying your first home, you have very specific needs. An agent must be able to tailor a solution to those specific needs. Mortgage brokers are an immense benefit, but some are only familiar with a few loan types. I feel it is important to understand finance more deeply. I also believe in presenting you with options specifically tailored to the life stage you are in.

First time homebuyers are a perfect example. The problem with the marketplace is that home prices rise faster than the savings of many first time homebuyers. In addition, the cash they use to buy their first home could be used for new carpet, furniture, etc. As a result credit card bills rise shortly after they close on their home. The purchase of your first home should your first step toward financial independence, not financial dependence. To counter this, I suggest several government programs to my clients. As with all government programs, there are many hurdles to jump over. It can be worth it to jump over them, though. As a result of these programs, many of my first-time homebuyers receive money back when they close on their homes.


"David was an absolute professional. He was a real estate agent and a financial planner wrapped into one. At the same time he explained everything in plain English. In my case, I was pleased to receive money back at closing. I only wish I would have called him sooner."

- Taleisha W.


The above statements give you an idea of the approach that I take. I am with you every step of the way. The following is a brief description of the steps I will take. There are three main stages: before we start looking, while we are looking and closing.

Before we start looking for your home:

  • I will help you decide between different types of financing. I have developed a mortgage team to assist that is well versed in finance, yet able to explain concepts in plain English. Many questions can be answered by visiting Mortgage101.
  • I will explain generally the steps that are involved in a home purchase. This is important, as it will help you visualize what is ahead. This is helpful whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced buyer who wants to know the latest procedures.
  • I will discuss the Multiple Listing Service. All brokers cooperate with each other. That is the only way the marketplace can function. For instance, a Century 21 agent can sell one of my listings, while I can show you a ReMax listing, etc. This allows you the comfort of knowing that whichever real estate broker you select, they will have access to ALL possible properties. Of course, I hope the real estate broker you select is me.
  • I will discuss the concept of agency between the buyer and their broker and the seller and their broker.
  • I will discuss areas of interest to you around the central Indiana area. I will help you narrow down parts of the city that interest you. For instance, where should we look to keep your drive time to work under 30 minutes.

While we are looking for your home:

  • I will help you narrow the possibilities down. When I start, I ask for your general criteria. If I come up with 50 possibilities with that criteria, I give you all 50. I feel it is important for you to be part of the narrowing process. It is through that process that I learn which types of homes you like.
  • I will set all appointments for you based on your time availability.
  • I will go over the entire purchase agreement and explain what EACH part of the agreement means.
  • I will discuss earnest money, taxes and asking price with you.
  • I will help you understand all the little steps that happen when you find the right home.
  • It is my job to prove to you that the purchase price we offer to the seller is fair.

At the closing for your home:

  • I will discuss all the items on the closing statements.
  • I will assure that all items we stipulated on the purchase agreement and counter-offers are translated correctly onto the closing statement.
  • I will discuss what each party is doing to facilitate the transaction for you.
  • I will help coordinate all utility transfers, possession questions, etc.

I can provide you with several free reports. To find out more, click on the free information icon. Please call me today to discuss your unique needs. I look forward to assisting in the purchase of your next home. As my logo suggests I will go the distance for you until your transaction is complete.


David George & Associates

David George & Associates