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Believe it or not, the best real estate professional to sell your house is one who works with many buyers. This is the main approach I use when I work with sellers. Over many years of working with buyers, I have knowledge of what they like and dislike. I am constantly amazed at how sellers do not make the little adjustments to their homes that might mean a sale. It is my responsibility to make those little things known to you.

The way to make those things known to you is by constant communication. I do not believe in a static timetable of events. The marketplace is dynamic; therefore, reactions to it should be also. The following is an example of that. If a home sells in your neighborhood on a Tuesday, you should be aware of it sooner rather than later. That way, we can plot our moves for the coming weekend. It is very important to prepare for each weekend, as that is the time when most agents set their appointments.

Another tactic I use is the reverse search. When an agent looks for properties in a certain price range and in a certain area they might have many possibilities. All agents have the ability to track this. When alerted that another agent is looking for homes similar to a listing of mine, I will contact them. That way you, the client, will have the best chance of having your house shown to that buyer. You can't sell your house to them if they don't see it. This is a simple approach, but one not performed by many agents. I know this because very few agents have contacted me when I show my buyers through a particular neighborhood.


The marketplace is dynamic; therefore, reactions to it should be also.



The above statements give you an idea of the approach that I take. I am with you every step of the way. The following is a brief description of the steps I will take. There are three main stages: before we list, during the listing and closing.

Before we list your home:

  • I will help you prepare your home so that it will sell fast. I will explain the little things that many people miss. This includes furniture placement, scents, etc.
  • I will help you understand the dynamics in your neighborhood. For instance, you will list your house differently if they are still building in your subdivision as compared to if they are not.
  • I will help you understand the staging of your property so that it will attract the maximum number of buyers.
  • I will fully discuss EVERY portion of the listing contract with you.
  • I will discuss all aspects of financing with you. This is an area most agents do not fully maximize. The more creative we can be with financing, the more potential buyers we can attract. This is true no matter what price range you are in. Many questions can be answered by visiting Mortgage101.
  • I will discuss in detail what I will do for you.

During the listing of your home:

  • I will be in constant communication with you.
  • I will set appointments with potential buyers as directed by you.
  • I will determine any and all feedback from the showing agent, as well as, the buyer. This is an important clue for us as we discuss strategy for your listing.
  • I will keep you informed of any activity of homes in your area. Any new listings are competition that should be analyzed. Also, any new sales provide information for our pricing.
  • I will provide a yard sign.
  • I will provide the latest electronic lockbox.

At the closing of your home:

  • I will discuss all the items on the closing statements.
  • I will assure that all items stipulated on the purchase agreement, counter-offers and listing agreement are translated correctly onto the closing statement.
  • I will discuss what each party is doing for you to facilitate the transaction.
  • I will help coordinate all utility transfers, possession questions, etc.

I hope the above narrative gives you an idea as to the approach I will use to sell your house. In addition, I can provide you with several free reports. To find out more, click on the free information icon. I firmly believe my knowledge of working with buyers will help you, the seller. I look forward to working with you on the sale of your house. As my logo suggests I will go the distance for you until your transaction is complete.


David George & Associates

David George & Associates